Sustaining High Performance

On the 22nd June 2017 we hosted an exclusive morning event on “How to Sustain High Performance under Pressure” Partnering with Cognacity – who are global leaders in this field and whose clients include BP, British Airways, PWC + 14 of the UK’s leading sports teams.

We hosted this event as stress and pressure are constants in today’s workplace, whether it is in the corporate world or elite sporting environment. The intensive seminar (based on the same performance psychology principles used by elite sports teams) would equip participants with the best techniques available to make a direct and immediate difference to your health and performance. We don’t presume to tell you how to do your job; instead we provide you with practical tools which will help you to execute your skills optimally and sustainably, even under pressure.


  • “I thought it was brilliant.” Kirstie Hawton – Octopus Group
  • “It was really fabulous, great location, the right tone, really engaging speaker and I learnt A LOT!” Claire Armstrong – Land Security
  • “The seminar was highly engaging, informative and eye-opening, and will hopefully help in terms of positively improving my work/life balance.” Daniel Cotton – SMG

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