How We Work

Our work requires creativity, beautifully robust design and huge attention to detail. And the minimum we deliver is a high quality event or experience. But we always strive for more than the “merely good” and aim for the deepest emotional connections. And all our projects are increasingly influenced and driven by the R&D work we have invested in over the past five years.

So now our sights are set on the peak. Those moments of inspiration and insight, moments of deep emotional connection. Striving for that increasingly colours and enriches the work we are doing for our clients. This is what makes us different.

Until now, our main focus has been on sport. It was a natural starting point because of the drama and heightened emotions that are at the heart of all great sporting contests. And sports-related events and experiences remain a core part of our business.

But with an understanding of the research and the knowledge of how to create rich and meaningful connections we are expanding our thinking and work beyond sport, to activities or experiences that can help deepen the relationships and connections that matter.

Designing Meaningful Experiences

Our Influences

In striving to understand what can lead to peak experiences, we have been, and continue to be, influenced by a number of thinkers and academics, among them, Haidt, Achor, Frankl, Stengel, Seligman, Csikszentmihalyi… and Abraham Maslow where we have studied and integrated his Hierarchy of Needs into our Design Process. The three levels of achievement that we outline below are linked directly to his Hierarchy of Needs.

This has led us to develop our thinking and create our own formula for self-actualisation or fulfilment within a business context. If you would like to discuss this in more depth, then contact us here.

We also study and learn from current learnings in positive psychology and neuroscience and all these learnings we relate back to helping our clients and their customers. At the very least we aim to make you happy! Beyond that, committed and loyal, and beyond that, passionate advocates and supporters. But above all, it is our fascination with peak experience that drives what we do.

The iMedia Process

The nuts and bolts. We offer a small experienced team of Producers that are involved in the entire process, overseeing everything from start to finish, all partners, stakeholders and suppliers. There is huge attention to detail and our staff also know the whole customer journey. Procurement is central to our working process – being in control of all areas of the supply chain means we can keep within set budgets

Our Operational Process; We save you time so you can focus on your business relationships

  • Spent 20yrs developing our ‘Process’
  • Always learning and improving
  • Huge attention to detail to deliver operationally
  • Procurement is central to our working process

Our Business Structure; Means we are extremely cost effective

  • We ensure low overhead, no ‘fat’, no bureaucracy and no chains of command
  • Small core team of skilled ‘producers’
  • We operate with a pool of talent, through our own network and strategic partnership with dentsu

Our Service Levels; We are proud of our many Endorsements

  • We have many endorsements we are proud to show you on request that highlight our quality of delivery and high levels of service
  • We understand the nuances of international / multinational / multicultural / cross-border clients and how to successfully overcome the challenges.

Our Price; We offer a better price, a better product and a better quality of service

  • Being a small independent we consistently out Price and out Perform what are perceived s the top agencies within the sector.

Credibility; We are an award-winning, independent business.

  • We have won the ESA (International Sponsorship Award – for most effective use of a strategic sponsorship), and our work has been presented by ESA to the European Commission as industry best practice
  • We have learnt how to become trusted by some of the world’s great companies that include Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, NTT DATA, Coca Cola, Sony, Lexus.


We aim to create an amazing experience through ‘beautifully robust design’.

Human Insight

  • We provide human insight. Our job is to make you and your customers happy. We study the latest science in positive psychology and neuroscience and we bring our learnings to our processes and how we design events and experiences. We continually cross reference and check to ensure the minimum we give you is a happy customer.

Understanding the Research

  • We have placed the WondrAcademy at the centre of our business so we are at the forefront of the latest developments and understanding of how to achieve Peak Experience


  • We collaborate widely, which means we offer a pool of talent through our network and strategic partnerships, bringing together top talent to create top quality experiences. This finds its fullest expression in the work we do in our Academy.

We are a team of Producers

  • We term ourselves “Producers” – so we have unique knowledge of not only how to deliver a very high quality event but how to design it around the latest R&D to make it a Peak Experience.
  • We as a Team live by the rules daily – through our 7 Habits based on the latest R&D – so we can try and test what works best.


At our best we aim to create experiences that move beyond marketing and into meaning – this is – our ultimate goal. And in so doing we aim to create the deepest emotional connections.

Our Formula for Peak Experience

  • The Event; Operational and Logistical Skills creates the foundation for an amazing lifetime experience (where base needs are met)
  • The Environment; designing the Customer Journey by really understanding the human psyche – what makes them happy and fulfilled (where psychological needs are met)
  • The Experience; the combination of a great event (base needs), combined with an amazing customer journey (psychological needs) and designing around R&D creates optimum opportunities for a Peak Experience (where Self Fulfilment is met)



“This really was the Ultimate Experience! We could NOT possibly have been better treated. iMedia were unreal! No praise too high. This really, truly was the Ultimate Experience – and I have been round the block a few times in my life fortunately!! Thank you. I usually say never give a 10/10 score, so I won’t. I will however up it to 20/10!!”

VIP Customers / Client, of International Bluechip

“Thank you for all of your hard work ensuring that our customers were treated to a really first-class.  Each year really does get better and better. Thank you again, for a really tremendous job.”

Marketing Director, International Bluechip

“Thank you for all your hard work in helping us to deliver such a great event! As always you were incredibly helpful and fantastic support, and above all a real pleasure to work with. We have received such positive feedback from our clients and couldn’t have delivered such a great experience without you, so thank you!”

Event Director, International BlueChip

“I wish to thank your team for the once in a life time experience. It was the most exhilarating experience of my 24 year golfing journey. The events for the five days were meticulously planned. Each event was executed with precision, flair and warmth. The VIP treatment was simply too good to be true.”

VIP Customer, of International Bluechip

“Team – thank you very much for delivering such a positive customer experience. Both clients and staff have provided tremendously positive feedback, with a number saying that it was the best sporting experience they have ever had…and that is in no small measure due to the first-class work that you kindly undertook. iMedia have a knack of making everything look effortless – which is a great skill.”

Marketing Director, International bluechip