Life Changing Experiences

We have been creating high quality experiences and events for some of the world’s best companies for fifteen years.

However, what makes us different is our work and focus on “peak” experiences, those moments of inspiration that can make profound differences to people’s lives.

From these can come the insights that uncover true values, provide purpose, realise dreams and fulfil potential.

We therefore describe ourselves as a “Peak Experience Agency”.

Wondr Academy Launch

Understanding how to fulfill your true potential

Our Why

For the past five years we have been carrying out our own Research & Development on peak experience, working with psychologists, organisations and the latest research. We wanted to understand why some events and experiences were life-changing and others “merely good.”

We therefore set up ‘The Wondrlust Project’, a series of internal research projects and programmes to understand better where the stardust came from that would make our work truly special. We devised seven principles and a simple formula to create a moment that creates meaning and leads to deep emotional connections and life changing experiences.

Wondrlust Project

Learning to live to your full potential

Wondr Academy

Where we research, develop & test


Designing your experiences

How We Do It

This Research & Development work has been the engine that has driven and defined us. It is now incubated in our Wondr Academy where we aspire to become established at the forefront of work on peak experience.


Our events are produced to the highest quality & standards


Customer experiences designed around the latest R&D


Our design delivery always aims for peak experience


“Simply overwhelming!!! A top lifetime experience.”

Customer, Corporate

“The customer feedback has been nothing short of incredible and that reflects the planning, communication and delivery of the experience, thank you.”

Sales Director, International Corporation

“Thank you very much for delivering such a positive customer experience. Both clients and staff have provided tremendously positive feedback, with a number saying that it was the best experience they have ever had. Thank you again. Great job!”

Marketing Director, International Corporation

“iMedia were unreal! No praise too high. This really, truly was the Ultimate Experience. What you were able to provide for us all this week was something which is right up there with life’s best memories.”

Customer, Retail

What We Do

And we now want to open up this work and the Academy to the wider world. We want to create experiences, environments and events that transcend marketing solutions.

And we invite you to be part of this fast-moving field of research, for your benefit and those you live and work with. Whether it is just to satisfy your initial curiosity, involvement in R&D development and pilots, bespoke project work or courses and seminars.

At the very least, we would be delighted to meet you for an initial conversation to see how you might like to sample what it is we do.

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