We want to create moments of extraordinary experience – peak experience. Profound Moments where people feel more alive and fulfilled

We aim to deliver a world class experience for you and those that matter to you. Whether it be with your customers, your customer’s customers, stakeholders or colleagues. We help to strengthen and enrich your key relationships. And, as is true of life generally, if they are in good order, everything else will follow.

Ready To Design Your Experience?

Our Offer

We work with companies to create events, environments, experiences that build brand empathy – making consumers feel closer to the brand, so they are more likely to sample, purchase and endorse.

We produce new, exciting and impactful brand and consumer experiences. This creates vibrant content which can form the foundation of a communications strategy – a tangible point of difference enabling cut- through in a cluttered marketplace.

The Benefits

Imagine that all your key relationships are positive, strong and healthy, imbued with loyalty and trust. These are the characteristics of a happy individual or a company that is regarded as, at best, a force for good. From this flows success, whether in terms of reputation, purpose, engagement, finance, market position, or whatever measure you choose. Who would not want that?

How We Can Help You Today

We can help to;

  • Create new Customer Experience strategy, or

  • Recommend improvements to your existing activities, or

  • Validate an existing approach, or

  • Provide a new strategic direction.

Designing A Peak Experience

To design an experience that adds real meaning and purpose to people’s lives, We have identified 3 key elements to designing a Peak Customer Experience – a combination of (i) excellent logistical delivery (Event Operation) (ii) designing the experience with the customer first (Environment Design) (iii) understanding the science of ‘peak’ experience (Customer Experience).

For further information

Can you interact better with the people you want to influence most; whether customers, prospects, stakeholders, employees

We will review any or all of your existing customer event activity. We will look at Look at how you are currently engaging with your audience, and review how you are performing across 3 core areas;

  • Event operation,
  • Environment Design,
  • Customer Experience

And make any recommendations of change


Do you really know the people you want to influence?

Look at this as pre-school CRM marketing. This isn’t rocket science, but this is about really getting to know those you need to influence most. Treat them as you would like to be treated. And make them happy. So we design your sales targets as you know your best friend;

  • who are they
  • what are their names
  • what do you do with them
  • when
  • when is their birthday
  • what do you do about it
  • etc

We then build a customer database around this information


How to connect the Values of your Organisation, with the people within the business and the people your business serves

This could be a Bespoke Event or a Partnership with an existing one. It must be a welcome addition to consumers’ lives, not an unwelcome intrusion.

We can help create new partnership strategies, recommend improvements to your existing activities, or validate an existing approach, or provide a new strategic direction.

Whether it’s a partnership with a Team, Personality, Event, Venue we have the experience to guide you through every stage of the process, from strategy to delivery.

It’s about shifting the focus from the Partnership to the people you want to engage with – whether fans, attendees, members or stakeholders and from a pure awareness exercise to building more sustainable, long term relationships.

Our work includes:

  • Audits
  • Strategy development
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Rights modelling
  • Property search and selection
  • Contracts and negotiation


At the centre of our business is learning how people can find meaning, fulfilment and happiness in their lives

  • We have set up the WondrAcademy to be at the forefront of learnings in Positive Psychology and Neuroscience and integrating these learnings into our experiences, so they can really add meaning to people’s lives. This means we can really engage and motivate your key people; whether stakeholders, customers, prospects, employees.
  • We use our 7 habits framework and will design the customer experience around this structure. This means giving you the best chance of creating a ‘peak experience’


Designing an event where your Customer is at its centre

To produce a first class event you need to have Experience of Producing first class events for demanding clients, huge attention to detail in the Operational Process, a Knowledge of Customer Design – an– the endorsements to back it up.

Whether bespoke experiences, attending existing events, whether large or small, at home or abroad, we have the same disciplines apply: understanding your business objectives, managing the logistics, creating the brand experience, delivering the event, measuring the results.

Our services include;

  • Event production
  • Event management & Organisation
  • Venue assessments
  • Staffing/Logistics
  • Design / Production / Branding
  • Food & Beverage / Catering
  • Transportation
  • Training staff / host / hostesses / drivers
  • Data Management
  • Accommodation
  • Ticket Management
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Security
  • Post event analysis


We recognise clients’ core objective is to create shareholder value.

So we set out to understand your objectives, requirements, issues and design a programme accordingly

We track and measure. We Evaluate the qualitative learnings and the quantative impact ie;

  • ROI modelling
  • Customer feedback
  • Media evaluation
  • Brand exposure