Case Study: Lexus

Business area

Sponsorship (full service – strategic planning, rights negotiation, full activation and delivery)

The Challenge

Develop pan-European strategy to build the Lexus brand from out of Toyota + create customer/prospect strategy. Improve brand awareness globally.

The Solution

1996: Brand audit, market review. Create, produce, market a pan-European golf strategy

1997-2001: Lexus European Golf Cup created. Colin Montgomerie + Thomas Bjorn sponsored. Integrated events, sponsorship, MarComms strategy implemented

1997-2003: Colin Montgomerie used in fully integrated marketing programme

2005-2010: Lexus sponsorship of ‘The Open’ + creation of Lexus World Golf Cup

2006-2008: Lexus sponsorship of Women’s British Open + leverage of Annika Sorrenstam Lexus sponsorship


In 1996-2001 42,718 prospects at 648 events across 15 markets, 5,043 test drives; av.185 incremental sales per year

2005-2010 -3 fold increase in media value over 5yrs (€1.03mil to €3.6mil). Positive Brand transfer from The Open to Lexus Brand. High Quality, Excellence, Global, Prestigious, Exclusive. 98% of which are favourable about Lexus