Case Study: The Call Back

Business area

– Wondrlust Project
– Bespoke TV / Online projects for Families/Tweens / Community

The Challenge

To Combine 2 Successful Media Platforms – Online & TV; target a small cross section of London of 8-14 yr old Tween Triple threats – to prove full family participation in the competition – and could be done with No PR or Marketing Budget

The Solution

– Create an 8 week online Triple threat competition & 1/ 2 day live filmed final in London

– Create Tween friendly/ family website

– Prizes for winning actor (Representation. Training, Headshots, One on one with Celebrity judge)

– Source 4 x Celebrity Judges / Media

– Create daily online teasers for contestants + 30min online TV episode


-In 4 weeks: 38,000 views on The Call Back UK YouTube channel.
-Reaching 1137 “Unique” Facebook users every week
-Multiple Shares on Twitter. 124 regular users – 488 Tweets
-We hit 2 core demographics. 8-14 & 25-45.

Lisa Stock Filmaker: “Congratulations to everyone involved with The Call Back. The spirit of this competition was wonderful – focus on talent and true opportunity and encouragement. The kids were amazing and their attitudes toward the process. Bravo to All! Looking forward to the final episode, and next year!”